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DEC2018 PGP Sponsorships Soon to Reopen.pdf

NOV2018 Overcoming Medical Inadmissibility.pdf

OCT2018 PR Card Facts and Foibles.pdf

SEP2018 PGP Lottery Eliminated.pdf

AUG2018 Caregiver Permanent Residency Still in Limbo.pdf

JULY2018 Canada's Own Family Reunification Issues.pdf

JUN2018 Appeals in Canadian Immigration Law.pdf

MAY2018 Changes to Medical Admissibility Rules.pdf

APR2018 Temporary Residents and Removals.pdf

MAR2018 Updated Changes to Canadian Citizenship Law.pdf

FEB2018 IRCC Assures Improved PR Pathway for Caregivers.pdf

JAN2018 What's New for Canadian Immigration in 2018.pdf


DEC2017 IRCC Vows to Clear LCP Backlog.pdf

NOV2017 Immigration Appeals.pdf

OCT2017 PR Card Issues.pdf

SEPT2017 Latest Immigration Updates.pdf

AUG2017 Changes to Canadian Citizenship Law.pdf

JUL2017 Difference between TRVs and TRPs.pdf

JUN2017 Dying PR Pathways for Caregivers.pdf

MAY2017 Recent Immigration Updates.pdf

APR2017 Appealing an Immigration Refusal.pdf

MAR2017 Ghost immigration consultants.pdf

FEB2017 US travel ban, STCA and the ETA.pdf

JAN2017 New Minister and New Rules for the New Year.pdf


DEC2016 More Immigration Policy Updates.pdf

NOV2016 Recent Immigration Updates.pdf

OCT2016 Temporary Residents and the Deportation Process.d….pdf

SEP2016 Primer on PR Card Renewals.pdf

AUG2016 Updates on PGP Sponsorships and Super Visas.pdf

JUL2016 Forum on Canada's Immigration Policy.pdf

JUN2016 Nationalism without Borders.pdf

MAY2016 Stumbling Blocks to Family Reunification.pdf

APR2016 Immigration Appeals.pdf

MAR2016 Primer on Express Entry.pdf

FEB2016 Primer on Spousal Sponsorship Applications.pdf

JAN2016 Open Letter to Immigration Minister.pdf


DEC2015 Why does Canada resettle refugees.pdf

NOV2015 LCP PR Refusals Due to Non-Compliance.pdf

OCT2015 Caregiver Reforms in the Time of Elections.pdf

SEP2015 Refugees and Migrants.pdf

AUG2015 Avoiding CIC Refusals Due to Non-Compliance.pdf

JUL2015 More Express Entry Updates.pdf

JUN2015 New Citizenship Rules in Effect.pdf

MAY2015 Mothers and Migration.pdf

APR2015 Express Entry and TFW Program Updates.pdf

MAR2015 Express Entry Clarifications and Updates.pdf

FEB2015 Pope Francis and Migrants.pdf

JAN2015 Some Tips to Avoid CIC's ' High Error Rate'.pdf


DEC2014 Caregiver Program Clarifications and Clawbacks.pdf

NOV2014 Reformed Caregiver Program.pdf

OCT2014 Express Entry and Caregivers.pdf

SEP2014 Respect, Dignity and Fairness for Caregivers.pdf

AUG2014 Caregivers Must Be Granted PR Upon Arrival.pdf

JULY2014 Major TFW Changes the LCP is Next.pdf

JUN2014 Ongoing Challenges for Live-in Caregivers.pdf

MAY2014 New Quotas and Eligible Occupations for PR Applications

APR2014 Express Entry System for Economic Immigrants

MAR2014 Serious Implications of Proposed Citizenship Changes

FEB2014 More Citizenship and Immigration Changes

JAN2014 Canadian Citizenship Updates and Reminders (1)


DEC2013 Summary of Immigration Changes in 2013

NOV2013 Super Typhoon and Immigration Updates

OCT2013 Family Separation in the Immigration Context

SEPT2013 PGP Sponsorships and Super Visas

AUG2013 Back to Basics - Reminders for LCP Workers

JUL2013 Cabinet Shuffle and the Ongoing Saga of LCP Woes

JUN2013 Dealing with an Imperfect Immigration System

MAY2013 FSW class and reopening of Parent sponsorships

APR2013 New FSW Changes and Start-Up Visa Program

MAR2013 Appeals vs. Judicial Review Applications

FEB 2013 New Immigration Measures to Address Sponsorship Fraud

JAN2013 PR Card Renewal and Related Issues


DEC2012 Ghost Consultants and Skilled Worker Changes

NOV2012 Stricter Rules for Spousal Sponsorships

OCT2012 Citizenship and LCP Updates

SEPT2012 Proposed Changes to the FSW Program

AUG2012 Faster Removal of Permanent Residents

JULY2012 Temporary Residents and the Deportation Process

June2012 How to Avoid Losing TR Status

May2012 Dealing with Legal Advocates Effectively

APR2012 Immigration Reforms and Universal Values

MAR2012 Recent Changes to Canada's Imm Programs

FEB2012 LCP and Nanny Poaching

JAN2012 Some Thoughts on Canadian Citizenship


DEC2011 CIC's Christmas Gift for Caregivers in Limbo

NOV2011 Parent sponsorship moratorium and supervisas

OCT2011 Caregivers conference highlighted LCP shortcomings

SEP2011 Processing Delays and Implied Status

AUG2011 The Misrepresentation Trap

July 2011 Temporary Residents and the Removal Process

JUN 2011 Debunking PR Myths

MAY 2011 LCP and the TFW four-year Limit

April 2011 Why we should vote on Election Day

March 2011 Working with legal Advocates Effectively

FEB2011 Spousal Sponsorship - Basic Issues & Recent Change

JAN2011 Hopes for 2011 and Beyond


DEC10 Justice and Forgiveness

NOV10 Some thoughts on Bill C-49

OCT10 Dealing with an Imperfect System

SEP10 Recent Changes to the TFW Regulations

AUG10 Family Separation in the Immigration Context

JUL10 The ever-changing immigration guidelines

JUN10 Misrep in the Immigration Context

MAY10 Visitor Status to PR - Some clarifications

APR10 LCP Changes effective 1APR2010

MAR10 Visas and permits - some clarifications

FEB10 LCP Reforms - Minister's Compassion vis-a-vis a Flawed Program

JAN10 Giving Thanks


DEC09 Of Calamities, Compassion and Caregivers

NOV09 Dealing with an Imperfect System

OCT09 Flooding and Its Aftermath

SEP09 LCP Deja Vu

AUG09 Thank you, President Cory

JUL09 Celia's Legacy, Terry's Crusade

JUN09 Some Reflections on the Elections

MAY09 Meida and Poltica

APR09 LCP Reforms Now _part II_

MAR09 A call to reform the LCP now

FEB09 Another Live-in Caregiver Dying of Cancer

JAN09 New Year, New Possibilities


DEC08 New Immigration Ministerial Guidelines

NOV08 Spousal Sponsorship Issues

OCT08 Some Reflections from an Election Campaign

SEP08 Why We should Vote on Election Day

AUG08 CEC Class Boon or Bane

JUL08 Visitor Status Not a Guarantee to Long Term Cdn Residency

JUN08 Wanted - Govt apology for the Oppression of Caregivers

MAY08 Preserving the Integrity of Cda's imm system

APR08 Misrepresentation Issues

MAR08 The Role of Lawyers in the Immigration Process

27FEB08 FACL newsletter - A day in the life of an immigration lawyer

JAN08 Sponsorship Myths and Facts


DEC 07 Making Sense of Census Data

NOV 07 Remembering Jocelyn and Marianet

OCT 07 Challenging Racist Slurs and Systemic Raci

SEPT 07 PR Status - How permanent is it

AUG 07 Misconception about Lawyers

July 2007 LICs have Rights Too

JUN 07 Borderless nationalism

MAY 07 Visas and Permits - what's the difference

APR 07 Best Interests of the Child

MAR 07 Immigration and Human Rights